By booking a stay at Lavender Cottage, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.
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Lavender Cottage terms & conditions

All bookings require a 50% deposit within 7 days of your reservation. The remaining 50% is due 8 weeks before your stay at Lavender Cottage. If you wish, you can pay the whole amount in full at time of booking.

If you make a booking within 8 weeks of your visit, payment must be made in full within 5 days of your reservation.

You can pay by BACS, cheque or debit/credit card . Cheques are made payable to Mrs H Charlton.

We try our best to get the cottage available to you from 3 pm on the day of your arrival, sometimes it’s 3.30. Please read your welcome email to be assured of the time.

You must vacate the cottage by 10 am on the day of your departure.

Do not arrive earlier as the cottage is cleaned on the day of your arrival and may not be ready for you.

If you cancel your booking we reserve the right to keep your full payment unless we can re-let the cottage for the entire period.

We will re-advertise the period of your booking, and if we are successful we will make a full refund to you, less a 10% charge for admin.

If you cancel your booking having only paid your deposit, we will charge an admin fee of £20.00.

Lavender Cottage is not child friendly.

The cottage is only suitable and equipped for a maximum of two people.

We have made a conscious decision not to have Wi-Fi at Lavender Cottage, so it is a real retreat.

Pets are not allowed at the cottage.

Lavender Cottage is strictly no smoking.

Linen, towels and electricity are included in the cost of the cottage.

Logs for the wood-burner are available nearby from the garage at the roundabout on the A171.

We appreciate that accidents do happen, such as broken wine glasses etc, but any significant damage or breakages must be paid for by the customer.

Please contact us directly if you need to discuss any breakages 0191-3789573.

We are not perfect……… if you are unhappy with any aspect of your stay, please contact us BEFORE you leave Lavender Cottage, so we can offer to help you and put things right.

We will not refund payment if you wait till you return home to say you were not happy with your stay.

Personal belongings are at the holidaymakers’ risk at all times. No responsibility can be accepted for any losses or damages.

If you leave something at Lavender Cottage, I am happy to post it back to you for postage cost.

Cars may be parked temporarily outside of the cottage for loading and unloading. After which please park in either of the places marked on the map of Iburndale on our website.

Out of consideration for the residents of Iburndale, please do not block anyone’s drive way.

The use of the accommodation, equipment and amenities at Lavender Cottage is entirely at the users’ risk and no responsibility can be accepted for any injury or loss.

Please look after our cottage while you stay, and leave it as you would expect to find it.


We thought it might be helpful to let you know some of the things we have been doing at the cottage to make it COVID-SECURE.

We’re pleased to confirm that we have been awarded the “We’re Good to Go” kitemark by The National Tourist Organisations of Great Britain.

We have carried out risk assessments and upgraded our cleaning processes. We are working with Janice, our cleaner to extended checklists and we will leave you signed confirmation that these processes have been completed prior to your arrival. Hard surfaces in the cottage will be cleaned and then disinfected using solutions that confirm to EN14476 (kills coronavirus); all soft furnishings will be sprayed with Dettol which confirms to EN13697.

More importantly we are leaving a minimum of 48 hours and generally 72 hours between guest visits.

In accordance with guidelines we have also removed “unnecessary high touch items” from the cottage. So, for example, there will be less items of crockery and utensils in the kitchen – still enough to make your visit comfortable, but if you have any special items you would hope to use during your stay it may be worth checking with us so you could bring your own with you.

We will also provide supplies of hand sanitiser, disinfectant, cleaning solutions, and cleaning cloths for your use during your stay.

Also, unfortunately, some extra terms and conditions:

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 prior to your visit, please do not travel to the cottage but contact us and we will discuss your options to re-arrange your visit and if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 during your stay, you must follow NHS guidance and if safe to do so travel home and self-isolate; you must also notify us immediately.

If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 during your stay and are unable to leave the cottage at the end of your designated time, then you will be responsible for all ongoing costs until the cottage is vacated; again you must notify us immediately.

All self-catering accommodation providers are requested to retain guests’ contact details to assist with the NHS Track and Trace system; consequently we will retain your details for 21 days from the end of your visit and at that point delete them from our records.